Notice to Stakeholders Considering the Impacts of FERC Order 1000


As a means to ensure non-discriminatory access to transmission service, FERC Order 890 requires local and regional transmission planning that is coordinated among affected entities and that is open to stakeholders. Toward that end, and to ensure the electric needs and goals of Californians are reliably and efficiently met, the California Transmission Planning Group (CTPG) was formed in 2009 by California transmission owners and operators. Currently, these same transmission owners and operators, now formally organized as CTPG members, are focused on identifying any transmission infrastructure additions essential to attain the state-mandated renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requirement of 33% by 2020. In future years, the CTPG members anticipate directing their technical expertise and resources to collectively address other public policy objectives as they may arise.

With the CTPG's 2010 California Transmission Plan (Plan) completed, the CTPG now seeks to improve its joint transmission planning and coordination process while keeping the Plan relevant. Steps are being taken to increase Stakeholder participation so that impacted communities and industries are more fully engaged. Please know that your contribution to the Plan is viewed as important and valuable. The CTPG welcomes and encourages your input, feedback, and active participation in the development of its transmission plans.


General Principles

  • Tasks will follow a coordinated timeline which honors regional and local planning schedules and affects efficient implementation
  • Recommendations are intended to uphold and promote power system reliability and efficiency. Issues such as the operation, control, and administration of identified transmission infrastructure additions, while relevant to implementation, is outside the scope of CTPG's work.
  • Transmission plans are based on comprehensive power system studies that ensure compliance with NERC/WECC reliability standards
  • CTPG conducts its activities in conformance with most of FERC Order 890's nine planning principles